Stately Villa Forvald A Time Capsule From The End Of The 19th Century, Where Time Has Stood Still...

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At Skotfoss near Skien, where the outlet of the lake Norsjø meets the Meier river, which later flows into Skiens-river, a stately director's residence was built in Røråsen just over 130 years ago.

The villa was built to give the owner a full overview of all the activity at the Skotfoss paper mill, once northern Europe's largest paper mill. The giant paper rolls that rolled out from there…
At Skotfoss near Skien, where the outlet of the lake Norsjø meets the Meier river, which later flows into Skiens-river, a stately director's residence was built in Røråsen just over 130 years ago.

The villa was built to give the owner a full overview of all the activity at the Skotfoss paper mill, once northern Europe's largest paper mill. The giant paper rolls that rolled out from there were exported to the whole world. In fact, the New York Times was printed on newsprint paper from the factory at Skotfoss.

The classic and unique director’s residence features as many as 31 rooms, and the current owner has, in addition to restoring the home in its former glory, also invested in furniture, fixtures and fittings from the time the house was built. This property is experienced as a time capsule from more than a hundred years back...

Skotfoss is only a few kilometres from Google´s vast plot, expected to house one the world’s largest data storage centres. If this becomes a reality, the positive impact that such a development will have on the local area will be significant.

How to get here:
Nearest airport is Skien Airport, located only 6 km from the property. The airport is approved for VFR day, 5700kg MTOW, 9 pax.

Nearest intl. airports are Sandefjord Airport (TRF) 60 km, Kristiansand Airport (KRS) 184 km and Oslo Airport (OSL) 189 km.

Nearest train station is Skien, 8 km.

Nearest busstop is 700 meters.

Skotfoss is a district in Skien municipality in Telemark. It has around 1,700 inhabitants and few other places are as shrouded in history and culture as this area. The local community was built around the waterfall, the water power and the industry, with Skotfos paper mill as the centre and driving force. Skotfoss has a primary school, children’s nurseries, a health centre, a grocery store, kiosk and in-store postal service. It is about 8-10 minutes drive to the Gulsetsenteret shopping centre with pharmacies, shops, restaurants and various services. It is also about 8-10 minutes drive to Skien, and here you will find most conveniences such as shops, restaurants and services.

Why not make the popular excursion to Mikaelshulen, which is located northwest of Skotfoss. This is a protected cave situated in the middle of the steep cliff wall on the east side of the lake Norsjø, about 30 metres above sea level. The entrance to the cave is 5-6 metres high, and the cave extends about 16 metres inwards into the mountain. Mikaelshulen is a result of deep weathering of granitic gneisses, which was later expanded by humans. The cave was used as a church in the Middle Ages and was dedicated to the archangel Michael, who in the revelation fights with his angels against the great dragon or worm, which is thrown from heaven down to earth where it dwells in mountain caves in high places. The Christians built special churches on mountains or in caves dedicated to Michael. Mikaelshula can be reached from both the water and land. You can dock by boat at the small pier at Norsjø and follow the steep path up. Or you can come from above, from Skotfoss and Dalsbygda via a tractor road and path from Øvre Gisholt farm. Be careful on the steep paths that can become slippery in wet weather...

A beautiful nature trail has also been established along the Telemark canal, Skottfosstien, which is approximately 3.7 km long. The trail starts at Løveid locks and takes you through scenic surroundings in forest areas and along the watercourse. Fishing spots have been marked along the watercourse and the fishing right belongs to Grenland Sportfiskere. Skotfoss Stadium is only a few hundred metres from the property, and Skotfoss Turn and Idrettsforening is located here. They offer activities such as football, gymnastics and skiing. Public transport is available from the bus stop "Kanalen" to Hærøya and Gulset - Falkum.

The very popular and famous Telemark canal is direct in front of the property, and taking a trip with one of the channel boats is an experience not soon forgotten (google "telemarkcanal")

The property is in excellent condition and meets all requirements for modern facilities, yet is steeped in a bygone era. With its magnificent location high up on the hill, the property offers fabulous views and good sun conditions.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped in a Victorian style, mimicking the original photographs from the early 20th century. The lawns are landscaped as built-in levels on solid granite blocks, with steps between each level. Surrounding the garden is a number of Linden trees, and flowers from the era are planted in flowerbeds and on the slopes. A stately white wrought-iron gate welcomes you into the front drive.

The beautiful villa is known locally as Villa Forvald, named after Ludvig Forvald, one of the directors of Skotfoss Brug in the early 1900s. Ludvig Forvald also set up football as a branch of Odds Idrættsforening (Sports Club) later Odds Ballklubb, and his work with the sport spread nationwide. In 1906, he published a booklet of the laws and rules of football and a detailed description of the game. This is one of the very first textbooks about football ever published in Norway.

Skotfoss owed much of its close relationship with football to the large workforce brought in from England during the construction of the paper mill; the workers naturally brought their national sport with them to Skotfoss. One of the earliest practices of football as an organised sport in Norway began here, so it is fair to say that Skotfoss is one of the cradles of football in Norway.

Villa Forvald is a beautiful, venerable and historic villa with high standards, where the current owner has been passionate about bringing out the property's original grandeur and rich detail.
The home's main entrance is as it should be on the main floor, which is the ground floor of the building. A heavy and beautiful double door in oak with striking motifs in leaded glass both in the doors and in the window above the doors welcomes residents and guests. As you step into the great entrance hall, you are struck by the historic atmosphere, and you cannot help feeling that you should be dressed in nothing less than a top hat or evening gown. In the entrance, there is a magnificent tiled stove from Rørstand from 1888 and an 18-armed chandelier.

From the entrance, two tall and beautiful double doors lead further into the house. The first leads into the original smoking-room, where the gentlemen would enjoy their port. The smoking room has now become a unique kitchen with a spacious dining area.

The second double door leads into the original grand living room. In the old days, the conservatory was heated with several radiators, and could therefore be used all year round as a green oasis. The living room used to have a double door to the dining room. Today, this is hidden behind a wall, and the old dining room has become two beautiful bedrooms; the Princess room and the Corner room.

All over the house are large and beautiful covings with various motifs, ceiling rosettes, chandeliers, and historical patterned wallpaper from Italy, all of which exude ancient splendour.

There are two bathrooms on the main floor. One of the bathrooms was originally a cloakroom. The second bathroom is designed in a fabulous Victorian style with a high-level cistern toilet, bathtub with lion's feet, mosaic tiles in marble on the floor, and antique furniture.

There is a total of three bedrooms on the main floor;
The Blue-room, which was initially a pantry where the food arrived with the food elevator from the lower ground floor and was prepared to be served to the masters. The bedroom is stylishly decorated with French furniture and fabrics.
The Princess room, where a feminine and romantic look is accentuated with antique furniture from the French embassy in Oslo.
The Corner room (originally the dining room) has a beautiful golden wallpaper on the walls and is currently used as a playroom.

From the ground floor, a generous and sweeping staircase leads up to the first floor of the villa where the first thing you encounter is the gallery. This was where the ladies retired to drink tea while the gentlemen retired to the smoking room for their brandy and cigars.

The other rooms on the first floor were originally a master bedroom, a maid's room, and a bathroom. Today, these rooms have been converted into a large master bedroom with an exclusive main bathroom next door. The beautiful main bathroom is furnished with French antiques that have been turned into bathroom furniture, a high-level cistern toilet, diagonally laid marble tiles in off-white and brown from Italy, wallpaper, large covings, a chandelier and a rosette.

Several original bedrooms on this floor have been converted into a living room and an office/library. Both the master bedroom and the living room benefit from double doors that lead out to a large south-facing porch with stunning views.
The office/library also has a double door out to a small balcony. The corner room is currently used as the children's room, but in the old days served as the maid's room.
There is another bedroom on this floor; the Green room, as well as a small office, which was originally a bathroom.

The lower ground floor of the house originally contained the service entrance. At that time, the lower ground floor consisted of a large kitchen with an iron stove, a pantry, a utility room, an ironing room, various storage rooms, as well as the boiler room with a coal-heated radiator system that went around the entire house. Today, the lower ground floor has been converted into a large laundry/fitness room, a wine cellar, a bedroom/living room, a large cinema/media room, a workshop/fire-wood storage, a hallway/living room and a storage room.

It has also been designed for the installation of two bathrooms and one kitchen, so that it would be easy to turn it into a separate apartment. Applications etc. to the municipality will be required to obtain a permit for additional housing units that have not yet been examined by a broker.

Downstairs is a vault of about 2.5 m2, with a large door supplied by Jon Olsen, Kristiania Pengeskapsfabrikk (Safe Factory), Kristiania. There is a rear staircase from the lower ground floor all the way up to the attic, with entrances to the ground floor and the first floor.

A door on the first floor leads to a side staircase to a vast attic space with great development opportunities. Permission has previously been granted to install eight skylights here, four on each side of the roof. Please note that this permit has since expired and that the new owner would have to re-apply.

The current owner bought the property in 2002 and carried out restorations on the property in the period from 2002 to 2003. The property has been regularly maintained since then.

The following work has been carried out on the property:
The entire electrical system in the property is new, including; installation of 2 new fuse boxes with automatic fuses, installation of dimmers, installation of several sockets, installation of floor heating cables in bedrooms on the first floor and in the living rooms in the basement also in the laundry/fitness room and in the wine cellar/living room, installation of heating cables in the gutters on the entrance side of the house, preparation for a number of light points along the driveway and the gates on both sides, and an electric cable has been laid in the gardens and to the fountain.

All the plumbing is new with pipe-in-pipe systems and a water meter is installed.

There are newer oil-filled radiators/heaters in most rooms, three magnificent tiled stoves are installed in the property, two 7-kw heat pumps are installed, one of which was new in 2019, and four cast iron stoves are installed.

The entire interior of the building was stripped down to the studwork and rebuilt, a new kitchen and two new bathrooms were created and installed.

Custom blinds have been installed in most rooms, original floors have been renovated, large decorative covings and ceiling rosettes have been fitted and antique chandeliers have been hung up in most rooms. Furthermore, most rooms have premium quality Italian wallpaper and are double plastered.

The property also retains a large number of original details, such as the door handles, decor, covings etc., which have either been restored or replaced with antique replacements.

The exterior of the house was scraped clean of old paint and repainted with linseed oil paint in 2003, and fully repainted in 2009 and 2016. New chimney caps were installed in 2013.

The property is ready for the establishment of a separate apartment/dormitory on the lower ground floor.

Extensive alarm and fire alarm systems have been installed.

Fibre cable was laid to the property in 2019.

A large, beautiful entrance hall welcomes you as you step into the property via stunning double doors with integrated stained leaded glass art, which adds a great light to this room. From here there is access to the first floor, but it also acts as a natural meeting point for the other rooms on the ground floor. There are solid decorative covings and a large ceiling rosette with an antique crystal chandelier with dimmer. The room features several beautiful and original decorative details; note, for example, the beautiful light switches. The walls are covered with warm shades of premium Italian wallpaper. The floor is the original oak parquet, which has been restored and varnished with multiple coats of varnish.

In the entrance hall sits a magnificent tiled stove from Rørstrand, from approx. 1880 and in a renaissance style - definitely a sight to behold. It is fully functional and provides ample heating for this floor. The room is also heated by an oil-filled radiator from LVI. The entire electrical system is new. Ceiling height of 3.25 metres.

A solid and entirely renovated staircase leads from the ground floor to the first floor, with a 7-metre height difference from top to bottom. The staircase walls, covered with art, are illuminated with spotlights.

The kitchen is unique in its design as the owner has collected antique treasures and put these together into an impressive and successful composition of style and furniture. The room has an exit with glassed double doors to the beautiful winter garden, which in turn leads on to the main garden. There are two further tall and beautiful double doors, one that leads into the living room and the other to the entrance hall. The original flooring has been retained, having been restored and covered with multiple coats of varnish, and the large windows are also original. The kitchen has a large open fireplace with slate tiles on the floor in front of it and is heated by a floor-mounted heat pump of 7 kw. Walls and ceilings have the original, solid, wide-wood panelling, which is painted in light and subtle colours. The stained beam construction in the ceiling adds just the right rustic feel to this room. The room has a large chandelier with dimmer hanging over the antique kitchen table, which has a beautiful red and white Carrera marble top, and there is a French antique chandelier over the sink. A specially built kitchen from French solid oak antiques. A built-in oven, worktop, built-in dishwasher and a double refrigerator with ice maker with water connection. A large double porcelain sink, with antique style chrome taps and a beautiful worktop tiled with Blue Pearl larvikite-tiles. The entire electrical system is new and all the plumbing has been renewed. Ceiling height of 3.25 metres.

A large living room with tall and magnificent double doors from the kitchen and the entrance hall and out to the conservatory. Stunning Italian quality wallpaper adorns the walls. Towards the ceiling, which is 3.25 metres from the floor and up, are solid decorative covings and two large ceiling rosettes with antique crystal chandeliers, which give the room a unique feel. Dimmers for the chandeliers. The living room has retained the original floor, which has been restored and covered with multiple coats of varnish. A splendid tile stove from the 1870s from Rørstrand. This stove is a rarity, specially ordered and designed by Erik Hugo Tryggelin. The living room is heated by oil-filled panel radiators from LVI under the windows. The entire electrical system is new. The living room is decorated with beautiful antique furniture, a large dining area with seating for 12 people and a lovely sitting area in beautiful tapestry with romantic motifs. Great sideboards and bureaus.

When you move upstairs from the entrance hall, you are led by a stylish staircase, adorned with beautiful paintings, to an elegant lounge with solid leather furniture and impressive details such as an arch construction and original railings. The walls are adorned with exclusive Italian wallpaper in reddish tones interspersed with gold-coloured decor. Renovated original floor with multiple coats of varnish. The ceiling height is 3.2 metres, and the original ceiling has solid decorative covings and a beautiful ceiling rosette where a large French prism chandelier hangs. If desired, it is possible to connect a tiled/floor stove in this room. There are dimmers for the chandelier and the room has plenty of sockets. The owner has hung up old photographs in several rooms, which show how the rooms were once used in the time the property was built.

The living room located on the first floor of the property offers great views of the water and Skotfoss paper mill. Beautiful double doors lead to the porch. The walls are adorned with stunning Italian patterned wallpaper. In the ceiling, with a height of 3.2 metres, are massive ornamented decorative covings and a ceiling rosette with an eye-catching antique, French prism chandelier with 26 lights. The floors are antique oak patterned laminate, chosen for durability. This living room also has a magnificent antique tiled stove from Lundbergs Kakelugnsmakeri, from the 1870s. The stove’s wonderful colours add a unique feel to the room. The living room is heated by wall-mounted, oil-filled radiators from LVI, as well as by a heat pump - a floor unit of 7 kw. The room was completely renovated by the seller in 2003. There are dimmers for the chandelier and the room has numerous sockets. The living room is furnished with antique oak furniture in a Renaissance style.

A beautiful, large and majestic master bedroom with an exit via double doors to a lovely porch with stunning views to the water and the garden. The bedroom has a direct passage to the exclusive bathroom. The room boasts renovated original floors with multiple layers of varnish, large original covings and doors. The walls are decorated with beautiful patterned Italian wallpaper. Against the original hessian ceiling, with a height of 3.2 metres, are decorative covings, a large ceiling rosette and a chandelier. A beautiful medieval tiled stove from Laksevåg Verk heats the room, together with wall-mounted oil-filled radiators. The entire electrical system is new and includes plenty of wall sockets and a dimmer for the chandelier. With regards the furniture collection, the special antique four-poster bed is worth a mention. The room is also furnished with large antique cabinets and mirrors with wonderful carvings.

Bedroom # 2 has underfloor heating, single-strip quality parquet, a large grey antique original window, which has been restored. Original and restored door. Beautiful decorative covings, ceiling rosette and an antique prism chandelier. Dimmer on the ceiling lights. The entire electrical system is new. The ceiling height is 3.25 metres.

On the walls in bedroom # 3, is the original ‘perlestaff’ panel (wall panelling), which has been painted with a special painting technique (lasering). Solid ceiling covings with classic motifs. Renovated original doors and covings. Option to install a wood-burning stove. Original renovated floors. Multiple layers of varnish. Dimmer. The ceiling height is 3.20 metres.

Bedroom # 4 retains the original floors, varnished with multiple coats. The walls are covered in exclusive Italian wallpaper in warm colours. A large original window that has been restored, as well as the original, restored door. Beautiful decorative covings, ceiling rosette and an antique prism chandelier. Dimmer on the ceiling lights. Furnished with beautiful antiques. The entire electrical system is new. The ceiling height is 3.25 metres.

Bedroom # 5 has original floors that are varnished with multiple coats. Exclusive Italian wallpaper. The walls are covered in beautiful Italian wallpaper Original door and covings have been restored. The entire electrical system is new. Dimmer. A wall-mounted oil-filled radiator heats the room, and there is also underfloor heating. The ceiling height is 3.20 metres.

Bedroom # 6 has original floors with multiple coats of varnish. It is the Italian quality wallpaper on the walls and the beautiful curtains that add the colours and style to the room. There is a large original window that has been restored, as well as the original, restored door. Towards the ceiling, with a height of 3.25 metres, re large decorative covings, a ceiling rosette and an antique prism chandelier. Dimmer on the ceiling lights. Furnished with beautiful antiques. The entire electrical system is new. Option to install a wood-burning stove.

The main bathroom has a beige and brown Italian Carrera marble floor, laid out in a diagonal pattern. It is always nice to have heat under your feet, as you can walk barefoot from the master bedroom, which is right next door. The walls have wooden dado railings. Beautiful Italian style wallpaper in warm mocha colours with gold details. Towards the ceiling, which is a full 3.20 metres high, there are solid decorative covings and ceiling rosettes - in golden tones - with a chandelier. The decor is antique, French and specially adapted bathroom furniture. The specially fitted worktop is made out of tiger granite, with beautiful carvings. The washbasin is exclusive and has a tap from England. A high-cistern toilet from Heritage. Look at the pictures and notice the rich detail in the antique interior. Specially designed "Showerama" shower enclosure from PP - 1 metre x 1 metre. In the bathroom is a magnificent antique cupboard from France, made of solid oak, with beautiful carvings and glass doors in bottle green.

Bathroom # 2 is a gorgeous spa in a Victorian style, with a black bathtub from Westerberg with lion feet. A high-cistern toilet from Heritage. Towards the ceiling, which is 3.25 metres high, there are solid, ornamented decorative covings and a ceiling rosette and an antique chandelier. The walls are decorated in quality Italian wallpaper and a dado-rail painted in golden, soft, sunny yellow. An antique porcelain sink has been integrated into an antique piece of furniture. Antique mirrors and details. Italian marble floor, with handmade marble mosaic - underfloor heating. All the electrics have been recently installed. 3 of the windows are original and renovated. Fitted with obscured glass.

Bathroom # 3 was previously a wardrobe, but has recently been converted into a bathroom. Original toilet, renovated. Shower enclosure. Original washbasin. Wall panels. Linoleum floor with underfloor heating. The original door from the bathroom has been restored. On the first floor there is also a fantastic office with Italian style wallpaper in vibrant colours and a double door leading to a small balcony facing Skotfoss paper mill and the water. The original doors and covings have been restored. In the ceiling, which has a height of 3.20 metres, there are beautiful decorative covings, a ceiling rosette and a chandelier. Dimmer for the ceiling lights. There is antique oak patterned laminate flooring. Practical with plenty of sockets.

The office is wonderfully decorated with a variety of French antique furniture. In the north-east wing of the house there is another beautiful office with Italian style wallpaper, large decorative covings in the ceiling, a ceiling rosette and a chandelier with dimmer. The floor is birch parquet and the room has the original door and coving, which have been restored. The entire electrical system is new. The ceiling height is 3.2 metres.

Many people dream of having their own wine cellar, and this one is exceptional, completely renovated, with beautiful Carrera marble flooring, laid in a diagonal pattern, with handmade marble mosaic and with underfloor heating. A ceiling rosette and a chandelier. The wine cellar is furnished with French antique oak furniture. The entire electrical system is new. Original and restored door. The room has 1.2-metre thick granite walls, providing just the right room temperature for temperamental good, old wines. The ceiling height is 2.7 metres.

The hobby/living room (former ironing room) has been completely renovated, with new ceilings, new walls and ash tree parquet floors. There is digitally controlled underfloor heating. The entire electrical system is new. Option to install a wood-burning stove. Niche-built shelf in the wall, with ornaments. Original, restored door and window. The ceiling height is 2.7 metres.

Laundry/fitness room (former utility room) has been completely renovated with beautiful black and white Carrera marble floor laid in a chess pattern, with underfloor heating. Renovated walls and ceilings. The entire electrical system is new. Antique sink. Space and plumbing for washing machine and dryer as well as specially built fittings for washing machine and dryer. A chandelier and a ceiling rosette. Original, restored doors. Original, restored window. The ceiling height is 2.8 metres.

The cinema/media room has been completely renovated with original floors, which have been restored and painted in a light colour. Original wood panelling on walls and in ceilings, which has been restored and painted in light colours. The large, original, wood-fired kitchen iron-stove has been restored and is fully functional, a crown jewel of a stove from Kvaerner Brug. The room has the original benches, cabinets and shelves preserved and restored. The ceiling features a large ceiling rosette and a chandelier. The space where the food lift operated has been preserved. The original doors have been restored. There is a separate entrance with an external hallway, allowing for a conversion of this floor into a separate unit within the property. Tastefully decorated with a deep lounge sofa and a projector with surround-sound system and a movie screen of 2 x 3 metres. French details. Original, restored big windows. The ceiling height is 2.8 metres.

Completely renovated hallway with original floors that have been restored. Large window, original and restored. Built-in cupboard. Wood-burning stove from Ulefoss Brug. Matt surfaces on the walls and original ceiling panel. 2 chandeliers and ceiling rosettes. Original, restored doors. The ceiling height is 2.8 metres.

The hallway between the living room/hallway, vault and laundry/fitness room has been completely renovated and has original floors, pipes, watermeter, etc.

The vault - fireproof vault with door from Joh. Olsen Pengeskapsfabrik , Kristiania. The vault has brick ceilings and walls and is 3 m2. This room can be converted into a safe/escape room if desired. The ceiling height is 2.8 metres.

Rooms that are used for storage rooms today, but with the option to connect water and sewage, can be converted into a kitchen/bathroom. Walls are made of brick and granite blocks. Wooden ceiling. Concrete floor. The ceiling height is 2.8 metres.

Workshop and wood cellar (former boiler room) have brick ceiling and walls and an outer wall of granite with a thickness of 1-2 metres, concrete floor with drain, wood bin, window and wall with slope, where wood can be sent down to the bin. Main fuse box. Hot water tank of 300 litres. Ventilation with electric fan system. The ceiling height is 2.8 metres.

The back stairs, which go from the lower ground floor via the ground floor, first floor and to the attic/top floor, feature the original staircase with both stairs and railings in solid dimensions. Completely renovated and painted. Original wall panelling on walls and in ceilings, painted in bright and delicate colours. Ceiling rosettes and chandeliers in each stairwell. Fuse box with automatic fuses on the first floor, with extension option. Window on the ground floor and first floor. Original, restored doors on all floors. The ceiling height is 3.3 metres.

The staircase that was used by the servants - extends from the attic to the lower ground floor - over 4 levels - automatic fuses - declaration of conformity.

A majestic staircase leads you up to the villa's first floor - which has a living room, a gallery, 3 bedrooms, 2 offices, bathrooms, a wardrobe and hallways.

Let your creative side take over and decorate the attic to suit your taste. There are drawings with previous approval from the municipality to install skylights. The room has been upgraded by the current owner, and there are storage rooms and solid wooden floors. There is a beautiful play of light in this large room, which is 105 m2 gross and 100 net.

The asking price includes most of the furniture as seen on the photos.

Mansion originally built by Union Brug around 1895. The villa is built in a classicist style and is a great example of the execution of this particular style. The property is used by Skien municipality as an example when looking at the different building styles in Skien.

Foundation is made of granite blocks and bricks. Exterior walls above the foundation wall are built of timber. There is no newer type of insulation in the outer walls of the building. It should be noted that exterior walls are built according to the normal construction methods in the 1900s. Requirements for aeration of cladding, rodent proofing etc., were not normal building practice at this time. Wall construction is cladded, and there is no possibility of control, but note that no deviations have been registered indicating failure during visual inspection or with moisture meter. A larger retaining wall of boulders from the year of construction has been built around parts of the house. The retaining wall has no visual deviation, and no damage/sagging have been registered. As the building is located on a slope in mountain terrain, it is exposed to surface water from the north-east. The car park is paved in front of the house in the above-mentioned direction, and some variations have been registered on the grounds leading from the property. No sagging has been registered in the building beyond what is to be regarded as normal considering the year of construction. Grounds and foundations are assumed stable by the surveyor. The owner has stated that these are drained around parts of the property. According to the owner, drainage to the north-east was carried out under the previous ownership. Drainage to the south-east was carried out by the owner in 2002. Remaining sides have no drainage. The house's exterior walls and windows (side-hinged and fixed-frame) are from the year of construction about 1900. The exterior surfaces of the building consist of horizontal rustic cladding from the year of construction. The exterior coving is richly decorated with ornaments. The property has a vaulted roof construction with wide, site-built wooden rafters. No irregularities on the western side, rot, or wood-damaging insects were registered upon inspection. Some condensation stains can be seen but no readings of elevated moisture values. Some leaks from the skylights were noted. The building's roof covering consists of Double-S concrete tiles. Boarded roof, roofing felt, battens and laths. The house has three brick chimneys from the year of construction. New chimney caps hats have been fitted. The brick chimneys above the roof are maintained and waterproofed with paint every 4-5 years. There are 3 tiled stoves in the home, which are artistically decorated. Open fireplace in the kitchen. Wood-burning stove with hob in the living room in the cellar. There are also free-standing stoves in the home that are not connected to the chimney. These appear as decorative objects. Note that fireplaces have not been tested. The attic rooms have storage rooms and solid wooden floors. The home has a fuse box with automatic fuses in the stairwell on the first floor and in the workshop in the cellar. The owner states that the home's entire electrical system was upgraded during the period 2002-2019 and that there are no comments about the electrical system. The home is connected to municipal water and sewerage. The main water pipe is from the late 1990s /early 2000s and is made from PVC. Exterior PVC drain pipes are from the same year as the water main. Drain pipes under the foundation wall, approx. 1 metre, are made of ceramic pipes from an older date. Internal pressurised water pipes made of copper ,and water pipes made of PVC from 2002, with distribution cabinet in the basement. Internal PVC drain pipes are from the same period. 200 litre boiler from 2002. Heat pump - Hitachi on the ground floor is from about 2010. Heat pump on the first floor was installed in 2019 (owner states that there is a full guarantee on this for 15 years).

GIA/NIA: 677/528 m2
GEA/GIA/NIA/Non-habitable area: 750/677/528/149 sqm

Lower ground floor: Hallway with stairs, gym/laundry room, wine cellar, living room, cinema/living room, workshop, hallway, storage room and vault. Staircase

Ground floor: Entrance hall, kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms/wc, conservatory, stairs, hallways, gallery stairs and closet.
First floor: Staircase, gallery, main bathroom, 3 bedrooms, library/study, living room, cloakroom, gallery staircase, hallways and office. There is also a large attic with storage space/storagerooms.

Area distribution per floor:
Lower ground floor: GIA/NIA/Non-habitable area: 168/125/43 m2
Ground floor: GIA/NIA/Non-habitable area: 214/214/13 m2
First floor: GIA/NIA/Non-habitable area: 195/189/6 m2
Attic: GIA/NIA/Non-habitable area: 100/0/100 m2

The property has heat pumps, wood-burning stoves and electricity as heating sources.

Owned grounds.
Area of the grounds: 2770 m2

The Victorian-style garden was rebuilt in 2004/2005 after old photos from the property from the early 20th century, with solid granite blocks, planting, irrigation system, new steps from the conservatory, new steps down to the garden, new porch and railings, renovated picket fences (30 m of new picket fence in 2019), double driving gates on each side of the property (handmade according to own drawings) and two unique old-style lampposts.

There is plenty of parking space at the front of the property. The seller has drawings and approval from Skien municipality (note that this approval has expired) for a large garage for 4 cars.

The property is connected to municipal water and sewage.
The property has access to the municipal road with direct exit.
It follows from the current zoning plan for the area Zoning plan no. 807 for part of Røråsen, of 31.10.2002, adopted on 12.11.2002, deciding that the property has access to the grounds over the area marked as Fe5 on the map plan. There are currently two possible access roads to the property.

In 2019, the municipal fees were NOK 36 198.33. This is divided into 3 terms in Skien municipality, where NOK 12 066.11 is paid per term, including property tax.

Radon measurements have been carried out and measures have been implemented due to previously elevated values. As a result of this, the owner has installed a radon fan in the workshop, which is led out to the foundation wall and a further 3 exhaust fans have been installed. The owner has taken regular readings and states that these now fall below the permitted values.

NOK 11 500 (Home buyer insurance HELP (optional))
NOK 2 800 (Home buyer insurance plus (optional add-on))
NOK 585 (Land registry fee for mortgage document)
NOK 585 (Land registry fee for deed)
NOK 322 500 (Stamp duty (assuming a sales price of: NOK 12 900 000

Please note that the total sum above is based on a purchase price that is equivalent to the asking price. The various fees are subject to change.

The seller has taken out home seller insurance, which covers the seller's liability under the Disposal Act limited to MNOK 10. The seller has drawn up a self-declaration, which the buyer should be familiar with before submitting an offer.

Home buyer’s insurance is a form of legal assistance insurance that provides security and professional legal assistance in the event that unexpected faults or deficiencies are discovered in the property in the next five years upon taking possession of the property. Home Buyer's Insurance Plus provides the same coverage as the ordinary policy in addition to full legal assistance within important legal areas for private persons. Read more about both insurance policies in the attached materials or at

The property is sold "as seen" – according to avhendingsloven (avhl.) § 3-9 (c.f. Section 3-9 of the Act on the Sale of Real Property). All stakeholders are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the information set out in the property description in the sales prospectus, any self-declaration from the seller, valuations and fees and any other attachments, as these will form the basis of the agreement to be signed with the seller. Moreover, you are encouraged to carefully inspect the

property, preferably together with an expert.
The property may be considered deficient in the following cases:
1) When the buyer was not informed about conditions at the property that the seller knew about or should have known about and which the customer had good reason to expect they would be notified about; See avhl § 3-7(section 3-7 of the Act on the Sale of Real Property). This applies only if there is possibility to assume that failing to provide these details has had an influence on the agreement.
2) When the seller has provided inaccurate information about the property; See avhl § 3-8 (section 3-8 of the Act on the Sale of Real Property). The same applies if the property is not in line with the information provided in advertisements, the property description or in other marketing materials produced on behalf of the seller. This applies only if it is possible to assume that these details have had an influence on the agreement and that they have not been corrected in a clear and timely manner.
3) When the property is in a considerably worse state than the buyer had grounds to expect on the basis of the purchase price and other conditions; See avhl § 3-9(section 3-9 of the Act on the Sale of Real Property).



Panoramic / Scenic View


Fitness Center / Gym
Wine Cellar



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Nordre Røråsen 4, Skien, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway

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Erik Steen and Mari Ask Aktiv Eiendomsmegling
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Registered on JamesEdition
Gamle Ringeriksvei 37, Bekkestua, Norway
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