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Luxury Privacy Apartments for Sale in Fuengirola, Andalusia, Spain

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Real estate for sale: luxury property, beachfront apartments, coastal houses, pool villas

Looking for your dream home in Fuengirola?
Discover our definitive selection of the best luxury properties: beachfront apartments, coastal houses, and pool villas

Only 20 km from Malaga airport, between Benalmadena and Mijas Costa, sits one of the most desirable resort towns on the Costa del Sol: Fuengirola.

With sunny days for nearly 10 months of the year and sandy beaches stretching for almost 8 km, Fuengirola offers exclusive vacationing and permanent living opportunities.

The real estate market is pleasantly variable. With prices ranging from US$497K to US$5.6M, JamesEdition offers numerous houses and homes for sale in Fuengirola, Spain.

Living in the heart of Fuengirola: the top apartments and houses for sale in Spain

Plaza de la Constitución is the heart of Fuengirola. Located near the train station and the castle, it literally is the very center of Fuengirola. The area is known for its quaint pedestrian streets, charming bars, and high-quality restaurants. We especially recommend Michelin star restaurant Bodega Charolais near the picturesque marina.

When searching for perfect houses and apartments for sale in Spain, Fuengirola and its city center deserve extended consideration. Here, you will easily find something for your taste: from brand new developments and residential complexes, offering gorgeous 2-3 bedroom apartments, to high-end properties with large sunny terraces for sale.

One of the main advantages of residing in the city center is living within walking distance to all amenities, while still remaining close to the beach line.

Living in Torreblanca: some of the best real estate in Fuengirola available for sale

In a competition for the title of the best villas in the Costa del Sol, Fuengirola’s residences definitely would win some of the top spots. And an abundant number of them are nestled on a hill within the Torreblanca neighborhood.

When searching for property for sale in Spain, this section of Fuengirola is our top recommendation, in terms of location.

The road leading to the hill is filled with stunning homes, boasting gorgeous, landscaped gardens. Owning one of the villas and houses currently for sale in this area of Fuengirola would be one of the best ways in Spain to achieve impressive sea and mountain views right from the window of your living room.

With mere minutes’ walk to the best beaches of Fuengirola and Michelin restaurants like Los Marinos Jose, Torreblanca became a sought-after spot for those looking for the best place to live in Spain as well as for fantastic real estate for sale in Fuengirola.

By the way, Jeff Bezos and Sean Connery reportedly own homes in Fuengirola.

Searching in Spain for the perfect property for sale in Fuengirola, whether houses or apartments, we also highly recommend taking a closer look at the coastal area, where you can live less than 100 meters from the coastline. JamesEdition offers a variety of homes for any sophisticated taste: from family homes with large dining and storage rooms and spacious garages to ultra-modern, luxury apartments with a view.